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Why Self-Publish?

The concept of self-publishing has been quite a revolution in recent times in the world of publishing.


Electronic Book

E-books or digital books have been increasingly growing popular all over the world. 


Once a book has been written, the next step in the process is editing. Often the terms are used interchangeably, even though they indicate different tasks.


Print on demand (POD) has now become essential for self-publishing one’s book. 



The book industry, like any other industry, has to sustain itself in the competitive world.

We have assisted a number of authors in publishing their books and we thought to help them showcase it on our site.


Quality Business Cards

You can enjoy a 50% discount on business card design & print. New customers only.

Call us now  078 522 16 366.

Promotional Items

Quality Guaranteed

Call us for your next promotional item order. We will be glad to give you a quote.

Website Designs

Sold Out

Let us quote you for your next website development. We will design an attractive and user friendly site that would boost your organsations identity even further.

Let us publish your next book for you and we will print 500 postcards to promote the book for free.

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