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"Let us help you SELF-PUBLISH your book!"

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We're passionate about bringing your vision of a published book into print

Our Promise

Our Package

Our Price

We have been in the business of publishing -books and magazines for various clients and organisations for some time now and we have continued to receive posititve feedbacks from these clients.

Our high standard of production process is second to none and we still ensure that our clients are paying the cheapest prices without any compromise to quality or turn around speed.

  • ​​Bespoke cover design​ and Page layout or typesetting
  • ISBN and barcode
  • Entry into online bookstore (£29 one off)
  • Entry onto Amazon Kindle, an e-book sales platform (this may require some additional cost for formatting)
  • ​Legal deposit to British library and other major Libraries in the UK
  • Adding on Nielsen PubWeb from where your book would be distributed to major online bookstores so that people can order for them from these stores.

  • ​​This is just an example of our price:

Design of cover, typesetting of inner pages, ISBN and Barcode for your book on A5 size costs between £159 to £299 (Depending on number of pages)

Printing price varies (Depending on the number of pages). Please call for quote. 

  • Add on:

Website design (from £199)


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