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Privacy Policy

The Vine Media understands how much you want your personal information to be safe. For this reason, it has drawn up a comprehensive privacy policy to ensure you that it does nothing unethical that violates your right to privacy. The privacy policy also elaborately informs you of what kind of information we collect.


What kind of personal information is collected and how?

When you visit The Vine Media website, you may be requested to register to get a better access to its services. To sign up, you are required to fill up a form about yourself that contains some basic details about you. This usually includes your name, contact details and your choices and preferences. This information is collected to remember you next time you visit the site and provide you a better service. For example, we may make certain recommendations for you on the basis of what you had searched for at previous visits.


By submitting this information you agree to receive newsletters from us about new offers and updated services. You can update these data anytime by signing into your account. However, you can also stop receiving the newsletters by changing your preferences.


How is the personal information used?

Your personal information is usually used to send you promotional offers and keep you updated about our services. It is also used to keep track of your order history and to give you a more convenient and personalised experience with us. It will also help us in our research of customers choices and preferences.


Do we use cookies? 

The Vine Media does not use any cookies for the purpose of tracking your visit.


Do we share your personal details?

No, The Vine Media has taken a firm and uncompromising stand to abide by its professional ethics. We do not share your personal information with anyone.


How secure is your privacy? 

The Vine Media gives your right to privacy the utmost priority. Our backend providers use advanced technology to make sure that no one can get access to your account on our site in any illegitimate way. 


When you open the account, you are asked to set up a password that only you know. You can change the password whenever you feel necessary. Also, if someone attempts to illegally access your account, our advanced technological aid will be able to detect it and take necessary action in your favour. Hence, you can be rest assured that your privacy is secure. 


We guarantee you that if you work with us, the information we collect about you will not be abused, misused for wrong purposes and you privacy will never be violated.

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