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"Let us help you SELF-PUBLISH your book!"

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Ready to Get Published

Ready to Get Published

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Offset Printing Machine

Why Self-Publish?

The concept of self-publishing has been quite a revolution in recent times in the world of publishing. Your book is naturally very important to you but, publishing it can be a tricky affair especially for new authors.


In traditional publishing, you have to go to countless publishing houses and they might keep rejecting your book for one reason or the other, particularly if you are a first-time author. Even if a publication agency agrees to publish your book, they might try to edit or change it against your wishes.


Traditional publishers are choosy about books and only publish the ones they think will interest the public or the ones that fit their editorial policies.



For Self-Publishing, you are in control of the process. We are there to ensure that you succeed in the birthing of your new book.

How to Self-Publish?

To successfully self-publish your book you must have your manuscript written and titled. We can also help in ghost writing the manuscript in whole or in part when required.


Once the manuscript is completed, we can also help with the editing and proof reading of the work. This ensures that the manuscript is perfectly structured, properly edited for misspelled words or typos or editorial inconsistencies.


Next the manuscript will be typeset with appropriate layout, fonts, placement of illustrations, style of presentation etc. At this stage, the book cover would also be designed as well.


In self-publishing, the author has the overall approval of the designs including selecting the cover. You must decide the cover of your book very carefully as books are usually judged by its cover!


Designing the cover includes choosing a suitable title, images, author's picture, font, colour scheme etc. You should be rest assured that we will deliver a professional and an eye catching cover.


Next, would be to get an International Standard Book Number or ISBN for your book. An ISBN is needed to uniquely identify the book’s title implying that each book has an ISBN of its own. In case of a change of title or name of the author or different editions (with considerable changes) a book should have a new ISBN.


Then finally comes the ultimate stage of publishing your work, i.e., either to physically print the book or publish it as an e-book. For printing hard copies, you should decide on the type of paper to be used, binding style etc. Depending on the cost involved you should decide on a pricing that complements the effort you have put behind it. 

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