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Editing and Proof-Reading

Once a book has been written, the next step in the process is editing. Often the terms are used interchangeably, even though they indicate different tasks. Both imply different levels of reviewing the book's content, having different approaches and employing independent techniques.


Editing refers to making necessary changes in the manuscript with respects to language, grammar and other logical or factual inconsistencies. On the other hand, proofreading means carefully examining the manuscript for spelling, grammatical or typing errors. 


You cannot print a book without having it edited and proof-read. No matter how carefully a book is written, it is natural for anyone to make mistake. We know you wouldn't  want your readers to read a book full of errors.


Thats what our professional editor do, getting your manuscript checked and identify the errors you may have overlooked while writing or editing the manuscript yourself.


Our professional copy editors and proof-readers possess all the necessary knowledge of spelling conventions and grammar, hence why they can be trusted on the job.


Getting your book edited is also important because editors do bring some fresh ideas that would make your book more enjoyable to readers.

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